Auto Air Conditioning Repair in Cleveland

auto air conditioning repair ClevelandDriving without air conditioning in a Cleveland summer can be a very unpleasant experience. Luckily, for everyone in Cleveland, if your auto A/C is not working properly, MasterWorks Automotive is centrally located and just a short drive away.

We can bring your car’s air conditioning back to working at full cooling capacity and save you the discomfort of driving without car A/C in Cleveland in the summer.

It has become nearly standard for all new vehicles to come with air conditioning. As with most mechanical parts, a car’s air conditioning system needs routine checks and servicing. We offer a entire range of services to make sure your car’s A/C is running cleanly and safely.

Our A/C Repair Service Includes:

  • A/C system repair
  • A/C recharge
  • Check belts and hoses
  • Preventative maintenance service
  • A/C condenser installation
  • A/C receiver dryer installation
  • Check for leaks & cracks
  • A/C compressor installation
  • R12 to R134 conversion

You many not know exactly how auto conditioning works, but that’s ok. That’s where MasterWorks Automotive comes in. Our highly-trained team of friendly technicians can not only fix your car’s air conditioning, they’ll also explain to you what the problem was and how to possibly avoid it in the future.

We realize that it can be extremely frustrating to keep coming back to an auto repair shop to fix an air conditioning problem you don’t understand. That’s why we’ll do everything in our power to fix your car’s A/C problems the first time.

How Does Auto Air Conditioning Work?

There are basically five steps to explain how auto air conditioning works:

  1. The compressor, powered by your engine, compresses a refrigerant gas (Freon) which becomes very hot and is then sent through a set of coils to the condenser.
  2. In the condenser, heat is separated from the gas. Hot air is released through the top of the condenser, while the rest of the gas in condensed into a cool liquid.
  3. After the condenser, cars either have a receiver-drier or an accumulator that makes sure only liquid refrigerant goes to the expansion valve.
  4. The expansion valve (or orifice tube in some cars), is what regulates the flow of liquid to the evaporator and is what you are controlling when you adjsut the temperature settings on your dashboard for your car air conditioner.
  5. The evaporator is the last stop for the cool liquid before you feel it in your car. After the liquid passes through the expansion valve, fans blow the cool air from the evaporator throughout your car.

So if you find yourself driving in Cleveland without air conditioning, stop by MasterWorks Automotive where we’ll make sure you leave in a car that’s cool and comfortable.



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